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Why Wear Bicycle Gloves?
- Nov 23, 2018 -

Reduces palm damage caused by accidental rollover
When rolling over, the rider often touches the ground with his palm to make the body slowly land.
If there is no glove for wear and shock absorption, such an action can easily damage the palm and damage the joints, while riding gloves can prevent the slip caused by sweat and provide a more comfortable riding experience.
Gloves can not only keep warm
In addition to keeping warm in winter, riding gloves avoid frostbite on the hands. Cycling is a full-body exercise. Holding the handlebar for a long time will grind your hands. At the same time, the continuous impact will easily damage the wrist. The riding glove has a cushion pad on the palm to absorb the vibration from the handlebar.
Gloves for sweat/breathable/slip
When the ride is in high-speed motion, the rider's control of the bicycle depends largely on the effort. The exquisitely crafted riding gloves work hard on the non-slip. The breathable and sweat-absorbing material keeps the palms dry and comfortable, and brings an extraordinary riding experience.