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What Kind Of Cotton Gloves Are The Warmest
- Jul 21, 2018 -

You should choose the stage of the right size. Too big to achieve thermal effects, making the finger fluid; too small to block the blood circulation of the hand, easily causing discomfort.

Wear bicycles and gloves in winter. It is not suitable for artificial leather, nylon or too thick materials. Because the leather is strong in winter; the nylon is too slippery, the friction is small, and it is easy to slip when riding; the material is too thick, making the fingers flexible, and these are not good for cycling.

Children's hands should be soft and soft, and should be soft cotton wool or elastic nylon fabric gloves.

The elderly have poor blood circulation, especially cold and dry skin. Therefore, you should choose soft fur, wool and cotton gloves.

Sweat, blue skin, wet and conscious in winter, but sweating in the palm is easy. When purchasing these gloves, you should choose cotton gloves that are both warm and have good water absorption.

Hands, feet and leather pants, winter. Manual scrubbing every day, it is best to choose two layers of gloves, and should use thin cotton gloves, often easy to clean.