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What Is The Role Of Sports Gloves?
- Dec 11, 2017 -

1: 2: non slip friction resistance (to prevent the movement to fall because no damage caused by movement (3): air movement hand sweat easily, so the permeability is better (3): wind cycling gloves, outdoor sports gloves) 4: (to prevent shock caused by wrist nerve entrapment syndrome.)

Choose professional sports gloves according to different sports.

1: exercise.

Fitness gloves. Wearing gloves is a simple solution to many bodybuilders' headaches, especially when bending and pulling up. The function of the glove is to make the practitioner hold the grip more firmly, prevent the slipping and avoid the movement damage. Especially in the case of sweating in the palm of the hand. Another effect is to help avoid grinding hard palm cocoons.

2: Cycling Gloves and outdoor sports.

Why do you wear gloves for a bike ride? Because the gloves not only can reduce the risk caused by hand sweat wet gloves, thick pad part can also absorb shock force when riding, reduce pain, numbness in the hand. In addition, gloves can also be used to wipe sweat, even when the car is provided to provide protection, but also sunscreen and keep the cold. Don't look down upon a little wear gloves, because of different parts of it, the choice of the location of material will be different, for example the part generally consists of breathable, absorbent, sunscreen, cold and other materials are spliced; the palm part is that shockproof, skid proof and other functions, so don't look at small gloves the design, each are thoughtful and intentions!

1, air permeability in order to avoid glove and muggy, surface material more air, elastic cloth. The staircase elastic fabric has elastic elasticity and high density. So a lot of applications in the windshield? Don't envy for Meng Jue hemorrhoids quasi scar mortar hemorrhoids?

2, the shock absorption effect of shock absorbing gloves is in order of foam and memory foam. Professional bicycle gloves are commonly used for memory foam. When buying, they can be easily identified: pressing the pads, not elastic foam, and slowly popping up for memory foam. Because the memory foam will show hold shape, can better grip for bicycle handlebar. Or a casual car glove. Off-road vehicles, extreme sports vehicles, and provide support and protection when slipping.

3, additional slip on the main body of the material, with a prominent position in the hands clench fist, with super fiber wear-resistant material, because good abrasion and slip resistance used in senior gloves and special gloves.

All the gloves are or semi fingers?

How to buy the whole finger or half that, depending on the needs of the individual to choose. The advantages of semi - finger gloves are anti - slippery, wear-resistant, breathable, ultraviolet, and windproof. All fingers are cold proof and sun protection, but the disadvantages are heavier than the fingers. The best two gloves for a rider are to see the weather before going cycling, and decide which gloves to wear.

Mastering the skill of wearing gloves

Cycling and wearing gloves help to absorb sweat, skid, air, shock, palm and wrist protection. When the bicycle is in high speed, the control effect of the rider on the bicycle depends largely on the work of the hand, so it is very important to prevent the slip and prevent the shock. Because the rider is different from the leisure riding posture and grip, which makes the wrist in non normal state of tension, a long time can cause carpal nerve compression syndrome. The special role of riding gloves is to maximize the ease of wrist oppression, cushioning glove palm can effectively alleviate the handlebar riding process reaction, avoid palm nerve damage, so as to relieve hand fatigue, increase traffic safety system