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What Is Magic Gloves?
- Jan 08, 2018 -

Magic gloves are a kind of gloves. Magic gloves designed to meet the comfort when wearing the palm of your hand in winter wear, both warm, without prejudice to the normal work and study, winter is the best household items.

Magic gloves, weaving more standardized, close to the wrist wrist closure thick and tight tight wear design, easy to fall off, very beautiful, a pair of warm and stylish gloves, so you no longer cold in the winter, no matter you are to keep warm Or wild are your good choice, more flexible and convenient for all types of people to use.

Also on the market there is a class of liquid, also known as magic gloves, made in the United States, is a special, non-oily high-tech liquid, applied to the hands will be immediately dried to form invisible film. Magic gloves can effectively protect the hands when they come into contact with harmful chemicals, harmful substances, bacteria and dirty working environment. Because there is no problem of airtight, but also contains a blend of skin protection, etc., is a mechanic, painter and so a good helper!


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