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What Are The Characteristics Of Protective Gloves?
- Jan 08, 2018 -

Protective gloves Uses: Protection of labor in physical, chemical and biological and other external factors hurt the hands of workers care products. Protective gloves Stainless steel wire gloves, can only be said to be limited protection, enterprises to improve the safety equipment; cutting equipment used in high-speed rotating blade, the wire gloves can only do a temporary protective effect (and should be shut down in time) If you can not stop the machine in time, the wire gloves will be sawed.

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Many kinds of protective gloves, use the protection function to use.

1. Clear protective objects and then carefully selected, such as acid-base gloves resistant to acid or alkali, resistant to low concentrations of acid or low concentrations of alkali, low concentration of acid or low concentration of alkali gloves can not be used to contact strong acid or alkali , So as to avoid accidents.

2. Waterproof, acid-base gloves should be carefully checked before use to observe whether the surface is damaged, the easiest way is to blow the breath inside the glove, pinch the mouth with a hand, observe whether the leak.

3. Insulation gloves should be regularly tested electrical insulation performance, do not meet the requirements can not be used.

4. Rubber, plastic and other protective gloves after the material should be washed clean, dry, save to avoid heat, and sprinkle talc on the products to prevent adhesion.

5. Contact with strong oxidizing acids such as nitric acid, chromic acid, etc., due to strong oxidation will result in protective gloves brittle, discoloration, early damage should be observed.

6. Latex industrial gloves only weak Jun, the concentration of sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and various salts, shall not be exposed to strong oxidizing acid (nitric acid, etc.).

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