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Wearing Gloves In Winter Can Keep Warm And Protect The Skin
- Dec 11, 2017 -

In winter, go out and wear gloves, not only to keep warm, but also to protect the skin. In the selection of gloves, we need to pay attention to the following aspects.

(1) it is suitable to choose and purchase the size and size of the Ma phase. Too large can not reach the heating effect, and make the fingers inconvenient; too small to make the hand blood circulation obstructed, easily cause discomfort.

(2) the gloves worn by bicycles in winter are not suitable for artificial leather, nylon or too thick material. Because artificial leather is hard to get hard in winter, nylon is too slippery, and the friction force is small, so it is easy to slide when riding. Too thick material makes fingers move inconvenient, which are not conducive to riding safety.

(3) the child left hand skin tender, should choose soft lint line or elastic nylon gloves.

(4) the elderly poor blood circulation, and particularly cold, skin is dry, therefore, should choose soft fur, wool, cotton gloves.

(5) hyperhidrosis patients, winter hand skin bruising, but also consciously wet palms sweat easily. These people in the purchase of gloves, should both warm and good absorbent cotton gloves.

(6) suffering from foot chapped, cracked after winter. Because the hand needs to scrub every day, it is best to choose two layers of gloves, and the gloves should be thin cotton fabric, easy to wash.

Children should try to choose cotton, wool or elastic nylon gloves, both warm and good water absorption, and easy to wash and change often.