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Use And Maintenance Of Protective Gloves
- Feb 17, 2018 -

use correctly

1, before each use to check the gloves for damage

2, should wear protective gloves before handling hazardous substances or operating hazardous processes

3, in the removal of contaminated gloves to avoid exposure to contaminants and skin contact

4, has been contaminated gloves to be wrapped and then discarded

5, re-use of protective gloves to thoroughly clean and dry after use

6, choose the appropriate size gloves


1, the protective gloves on dry, dark, constant temperature environment

2, a large number of chemical residues, use an appropriate solvent cleaning, but to avoid the use of corrosive cleaning solution

3, gloves to fully dry after washing, unless instructed by the manufacturer, or do not use heat to dry the gloves, it will make the gloves quickly aging

Proper use and maintenance methods, you can properly increase the life of protective gloves.

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