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The Method Of Judging Acrylic And Polyester
- Sep 30, 2018 -

The method of judging acrylic and polyester:
Polyester: When it comes into contact with the flame, it first causes the coil to melt, then burns, and burns down the melt, and the yellow bright flame is blue. When burning, there is black smoke at the top of the flame, and burning ceases from the flame. It has a slightly aromatic smell after the flame has ceased, and the ash is black glass with a hard block that can be crushed with fingers.
Acrylic: When it comes into contact with the flame, it melts first and then burns slowly. There is a yellow flame and a flash. It can continue to burn after the fire, but the speed is slow, it gives a bitter smell when burning, and some like coal tar. The ash is an irregular black lumps that are not easily crushed.