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The Difference Between A Cotton Glove And A Thread Glove
- Dec 11, 2017 -

A cotton glove is a line glove, isn't it? Recently, people often consult the relationship between line gloves and cotton gloves. Is it a product? As a general person, it may not always be clear about this line of gloves and cotton gloves. Actually, cotton gloves are only a member of the line gloves class. Although wire gloves are usually referred to as we often speak of cotton gloves or knitted gloves, it is one of the most widely used gloves in our working life. But he does not necessarily mean a cotton glove.

In fact do not line gloves which a glove, he also has a lot of types and specifications, such as line gloves color, size, material, style and so on many, but the most representative line of gloves, then several: according to material points can be divided into cotton yarn gloves, knitted gloves. Fiber woven gloves, gloves, knitted gloves, wire special materials. Of course the price is not the same! Look at what kind of environment you use, and what kind of line gloves you choose. There is an inseparable relationship between the cotton gloves and the line gloves.