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Several Commonly Used Protective Gloves
- Dec 11, 2017 -

The working environment is suitable for the use of labor gloves. There are several kinds of protective gloves commonly used as follows:

1. insulated gloves for live work. Choose the appropriate gloves according to the voltage, check the defects on the surface, such as cracks, hair sticky, embrittlement and so on, such as abnormal use.

2. labor protection gloves. It has the function of protecting the hand and arm, and this kind of glove is usually used when the operator works.

3. acid resistant and alkali resistant gloves. Gloves are used mainly for contact with acid and alkali.

4. welder gloves. Wear protective gloves, electric welding fire work industry, should check the leather or canvas surface is not rigid, thin, incomplete file holes etc. phenomenon, such as a defect, are not allowed to use. The gloves should have enough length, and the wrist should not be exposed to the outside.

5. rubber oil resistant gloves. The gloves are mainly used for contact with mineral oil, vegetable oil and aliphatic solvents.

6. oil field special oil resistant and antiskid canvas gloves. The working environment of the oilfield is relatively hard. It often works underground and uses mechanical equipment. If it is not directly operated by hand, it will easily wear the skin of hands, so we need to use canvas anti-skid and anti oil gloves.