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Protective Gloves Classification
- Feb 17, 2018 -

There are a wide range of protective gloves, in addition to anti-chemical class, there are cutting, electrical insulation, waterproof, cold, heat radiation, fire and flame retardant and other functions, it should be noted that the general anti-acid gloves and anti-chemical Of protective gloves are not equivalent, because many chemicals have different permeability to glove material, so if necessary, choose protective gloves to prevent infiltration of various chemicals.

Depending on the properties of the protective gloves, taking into account possible contact opportunities and the selection of suitable gloves, the presence of chemicals (gaseous, liquid) concentrations should be taken into consideration to ensure that the gloves withstand this concentration. Gloves, such as those made of natural rubber, can handle generally low concentrations of mineral acids but can not withstand concentrated nitric acid and concentrated sulfuric acid. Rubber gloves on the pathogenic microorganisms, radioactive dust has a good blocking effect [1]

1 Straight-type gloves plane-type gloves: glove finger and palm on a flat glove.

2 hand-type gloves hand-type gloves: like natural hand gloves. His thumb and other four fingers are not in a plane, the palm and the five fingers inwardly bent.

3 working gloves working gloves: defense against common injuries (prick, cut, grind, hook, friction, etc.) and dirty gloves.

4 vibration isolation gloves gloves vibration isolation gloves: with anti-vibration gloves performance degradation.

Insect gloves insect resistance gloves: Hand protection is insect bites gloves.

6 radioactive protective gloves radioactivity protective gloves: gloves with anti-radiation performance.

7 antistatic gloves antistatic gloves: can prevent their own accumulation of static electricity caused by the gloves.

8 insulated gloves electric insulation gloves: can make the hand and charged objects insulated gloves.

9 acid-base gloves, acid-alkali gloves acid alkali resistant gloves: gloves with anti-acid properties.

10 protective gloves chemical protective gloves: gloves with anti-virus performance.

11 Welder's gloves: Sparks, molten metal, hot metal, heat-resistant gloves that resist welding work.

protective gloves

protective gloves

Feel soft: gloves close to the hand, fingers flexible activities, prolonged use, do not feel hot. Uses: quality inspection, electronics industry, plastic industry, assembly line and so on.

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