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Product Efficacy Description Of Vitamin Essential Oil Gloves
- Jan 27, 2019 -

A unique formula gel that strengthens the outer layer of the epidermis and regulates moisture loss without providing moisture retention.
Rich in olive oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil and other nutrients, it has moisturizing, moisturizing, whitening and smoothing fine lines.
Replenishes the lost moisture in the skin, restores the function of collagen, and makes the skin moist, feminine and elastic.
Promotes cell metabolism, relieves skin discomfort, improves skin roughness, and does not irritate the skin.
Insist on, sustainable and gentle release of nutrients, help fight rough keratin, maintain damaged and cracked skin and prevent premature aging, re-smooth and soft skin.
It is beneficial to the comprehensive absorption of skin care products or medicines, and enhances the effect of whitening and moisturizing skin care.