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Overview Of Protective Gloves
- Feb 17, 2018 -

Protective gloves Stainless steel wire gloves, can only be said to be limited protection, enterprises to improve the safety equipment; cutting equipment used in high-speed rotating blade, the wire gloves can only do a temporary protective effect (and should be shut down in time) If you can not stop the machine in time, the wire gloves will be sawed.

With the development of society, crime has occurred from time to time. Taxi drivers are one of the high-risk occupations. In the event of criminals being robbed, taxi accidents may occur. Cut-resistant gloves (wire gloves) is equipped with driver friends can be confident in an emergency situation uniforms criminals, empty handed blade can be unexpected, both self-protection, but also uniforms criminals.

Cut-resistant gloves or wire gloves with the equipment not only to enhance personal protection, but also to seize the knife uniforms gangsters. A pair of anti-cut gloves is a public security, armed police, security and other sectors of self-defense workers, uniforms criminals necessary equipment.

The exceptional cut-resistant performance and wear resistance of cut-resistant gloves make it a premium hand care product. A pair of cut-resistant gloves can be quite a life of 500 ordinary line gloves, be called "as one hundred." The emergence of cut-resistant gloves for ordinary workers to provide an unprecedented safety and security. Cut-resistant gloves (wire gloves) Suitable for meat cutting, glass processing, sheet metal processing, petrochemical, disaster relief, fire rescue and other industries, is calculated by the use of labor protection products. The previous phenomenon of "putting on new gloves at work and leaving your fingers after work" will become history. Anti-cut gloves are not afraid of acid and alkali, easy to wash, cut-resistant gloves with steel wire also anti-static function.

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