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Methods Of Cleaning Cotton Gloves
- Dec 11, 2017 -

According to the type of dirt, the properties of your working gloves may need to be cleaned one or two times a month. The dirt on a long glove causes the glove to be hardened and uncomfortable.

1. Cleaning up material preparation:

L two bucket of cold water

L mild soap

L rinse water (several drops of olive oil)

L - peg clips and old-fashioned type

Two. Cleaning steps

1 first, clean the glove dirt by brushing your teeth as much as possible, and clean the fingertips of the work gloves that should be paid special attention.

2 mix a bucket of cold water, salt, and mild soap.

3 gently clean the gloves in the water and rub the dirt with your fingers.

4 another second washing gloves.

5 gently squeeze in the working gloves and overflow the water.

Each of the 6 fingers in an old-fashioned clothes peg. Prevent the work glove finger from deforming.

7 find a cool place, using PEG on work gloves, the gloves.

8 massage or knead the softened working gloves to keep the glove soft.

9 keep kneading and massage gloves every few hours until they are completely dried.

Different gloves need different cleaning techniques. Check any special cleaning requirements on the label of the glove for maintenance.

If your gloves are cotton, they can simply be thrown into the washing machine and the dryer.