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Insulation Gloves When Not In Use To Store Common Sense
- Dec 11, 2017 -

Protective equipment is a device used to protect our safety while we are working. We only have the correct maintenance and use of the operating gloves, and it can protect our safety for a long time. Insulating gloves belong to a kind of labor protection gloves. We must know their common sense of use and do proper maintenance for them, so that they can maintain their protective performance and protect our hands better. So today the glove factory will give you some common sense of the insulating gloves when they are not used.

After the use of insulated gloves, we should make a uniform number and store them in a dry and dry place. When keeping insulated gloves, keep in mind that they don't put them together with those that are corrosive. Keep in mind that you should put the labor gloves in a place where the sun doesn't go straight. In addition to the preservation of the labor gloves, it is recorded on the special support, at the same time, it can not be stacked with any other items.