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In The Winter, Choose Warm Gloves For Your Baby
- Jan 17, 2019 -

1, thickness

If the area is cold, you should choose a thicker cotton glove for your baby. It is best to have warm fluff inside. If you are in the south, you can choose a slightly thinner glove to wear warmth without sweating.
2, material

It is best to choose soft and convenient activities, and there are ductile materials, so be sure to breathe and keep warm. Children's skin should be thin and tender. Try to wear cotton, wool or elastic nylon gloves. Do not choose gloves that are too hard.
3, size

Pay attention to the size of the size when purchasing gloves. Oversized baby's finger joints are inconvenient to move, and can't keep warm. If it is too small, it will block the blood circulation of the hand. It should be convenient according to the convenience of wearing and taking off.

4, style

The baby is easy to throw away the gloves, and the mothers should buy a style that is easy to take off and not easy to leave. Colorful, cute cartoon gloves will make your baby more like, reducing the chance of loss!