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How To Choose Touch Screen Gloves
- Jul 21, 2018 -

1 Look at the technology: the distance from the touch screen gloves is mainly conductive yarn. If it is a person of science and engineering, it is no stranger to conductive yarn. The conductive yarn has been developed to the fourth generation technology. The fourth generation of conductive yarn is fine, and it has no damage to the screen, and its physical form is different from that of ordinary cotton spinning gauze. The fourth generation of conductive yarn is also the current Thunderon technology. Touching the species to the conductive yarn with a finger has no obvious convex and concave feeling.

2 look at the brand: domestic touch screen gloves brand is very much, but most brands are two or three generations of conductive yarn technology, which may cause damage to the screen. Therefore, the degree of brand recognition is low. But I can look at the brand according to the level of the conductive yarn applied. At present, the contact is the fourth generation of conductive yarn.

3 see radiation: If we have a radiation measuring instrument, you can use a touch-screen glove to wrap the phone, and then look at the amount of radiation, the general touch-screen gloves will reduce the amount of radiation by more than 20%. Of course, you can also use the radiation detection application to detect the amount of radiation, wrap a mobile phone with a touch screen glove, and use another mobile phone with an installed application to detect changes in the amount of radiation.

4 try to keep warm: When buying a touch-screen glove in a physical store, you can feel the warmth of the try-on, which is no different from the purchase of ordinary gloves.

5 test ventilation: Some gloves, although the internal temperature is higher, but not breathable, winter wear will be wet because of the sweat, and it is difficult to keep warm. Especially for leather gloves, everyone needs to pay attention to this. .