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How To Choose Protective Gloves
- Aug 23, 2018 -

◆ Determine performance requirements. According to the characteristics of the working environment, the characteristics of the working object, the single contact time, the contact frequency and other conditions, determine the protective performance and protective performance level of the glove, protect various harmful factors, and choose multi-functional protective gloves or multiple wear.

◆Select the material. The protective gloves have different materials and different protective properties. When purchasing, choose the glove material according to the working object and protection requirements and the reference supplier's opinion.

◆Select the size. The range of protection determines the length of the glove. The operator can first measure the size of the hand and select the appropriate glove size.

◆Defining the safety of the gloves. The materials and structure of the gloves may affect the safety and health of the user. For example, the latex protein in natural rubber may cause an allergic reaction to the user, and the burrs on the gloves may wear the skin of the user's hands.

◆ Choose gloves that can be reused or limited to use. Employers can consider the cost of use and maintenance.

◆Consider the maintenance conditions of the gloves. When purchasing, consider whether there are conditions for cleaning, storage, and maintenance of gloves.

◆ Verify the suitability of the gloves. The protective performance of the gloves is the index obtained under the test conditions. There is a certain gap between the actual conditions and the actual conditions. Only the gloves that have been verified can be used. If the gloves are used before the initial use, the pressure test should be carried out. Conduct chemical protection testing.