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Gloves Production Process
- Dec 11, 2017 -

Slanting: we say that a kind of cloth is slanted, that is, the cloth is cut at a certain angle, usually 45 degrees. Use: it can be stitched into a circle (such as the edge of the wrist sleeve, the inner belt of the trousers, the edge and so on).

Joint: some clothes collar, sleeves and legs, hem sewn on the elastic band to tighten the wrist, waist or collar approach. It is divided into two steps: - - synchronizing the main piece of the seam, while the car seams the tight belt.

- ---- step by step the main piece of the car, and then put on the tight belt (tighten with a separate car good).

Diagonal weave: cross twill weave, twill discontinuous.

Cross pattern: cross lines cross oblique weave from side to side of a slope, and on both sides of the gap width.

Twist: a measure of the thickness of 1 grams of a weight of 9000 meters. This unit is also used for silk and some fibers.

Brushed fabric: single or double fabric pilling by raising process. The cloth into the metal drum fuzzing cloth, depends on the number of villi by raising machine, napping can make cloth softer, more warm, swelling effect, but keep the cloth firmly.

Interlock knitting: this weave weave cloth, both sides look the same, are two alternate anti needle needle, the stitch is bigger than single weave density, in terms of length is very flexible, the size is more stable, especially in the cutting edge.

In garter stitch: a needle, needle stitch by reverse side.

Two sides have piled thick cloth velvet.

Carding: carding cloth, refers to the long fiber carding velvet, only some natural materials (cotton, wool, hemp, etc.) were reviewed, in which only retains the long fiber, short fiber will be combed out because, after combing the line more tidy and smoother, firmer and delicate.

Twill fabric: the surface of this fabric will have a convex pattern.

Textile: refers to the process of weaving the warp and weft into cloth by a loom.

Knitwear: the general name of the cloth made by the mesh or the interlaced wire ring. A variety of shapes can be formed through a needle or hook (which can be knitted according to human body shape). It can be made through the material of all textiles. A variety of stitches in the same cloth or cloth can make the appearance of diverse links.

We can divide knitwear into 2 major categories:

1.: including crochet knitting, knitting, knitted stripes staggered knitting and weft knitting needle to knit, crochet and approximation.

2. Blend: the two sides of the knitted fabric are knitted with different lines to achieve two effects (such as comfort and firmness).

The density of needle stitch is the main device of the knitting machine is made, the operation of the product through the needle, stitch density refers to 1 inches (2.54 cm) number of stitches, the stitch density is smaller, more delicate gloves, with more dexterity are more likely to feel the object, the stitch density is, the more thick gloves, better protection.