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Gloves Can Use With An Iphone
- Apr 20, 2018 -

Touch-screen gloves are touch-sensitive gloves that are made of conductive materials on the fingertips of the fingers. They can imitate human touch patterns, and they can use touch-screen devices accurately and flexibly, allowing us to keep warm while wearing gloves. Operate touch screen electronic equipment.

The principle of touch-screen gloves is somewhat scientific. People also know that metal is a kind of electrical conductor. If our finger and touch screen are connected by a metal wire, then we can bring the bio-current in the body to the touch screen. Touchscreen touchscreen gloves formally used the most advanced Thuneron conductive yarn technology from Japan to mix a metal-blue bronze (Cu9S5) in the fiber on the gloves, so that the gloves on the one hand play a role in keeping warm, and on the other hand, Act as a conductor between the finger and the touch screen

touch-screen gloves