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Cut-proof Gloves Performance
- Jan 30, 2019 -

   With strong anti-cutting performance, wear resistance and tear resistance, it can effectively protect human hands from being cut by sharp edges such as knives. The material is non-toxic, easy to wear and take off, has good air permeability, flexible fingers, and the glove looks from the outside. Less than the wire, the feeling of wearing it on the hand is very soft. The product is only for sharp tools or other sharp punctures. Good cut-proof performance, anti-knife cutting, anti-wear, anti-tear, flexible operation, non-slip, breathable. The product is only for the cutting protection of the tool or other sharp objects in the protection range of the hand, and it cannot protect the piercing of the tip or other sharp objects. Also suitable for slaughtering and processing, machinery manufacturing industry, construction industry, glass handling, sheet metal processing.