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Choose Gloves Skills
- Dec 11, 2017 -

From the day of birth, the hand has not stopped, and when the life is terminated, the hand can move on an average of 250 million times. However, we often neglect the importance of the hand and neglect the proper protection for it, so that in all kinds of work-related accidents with loss of labor capacity, hand injury accidents account for 20%. Therefore, it is necessary to choose and use the protective equipment correctly. Hand protected hand is one of the most fine and dense organs of human organs. Glove factory which consists of 27 bones, accounting for the total number of human bones and 1/4, and distribution of muscles, blood vessels and nerves are extremely amazingly complex, only the fingertips per square centimeter of capillary length up to several meters, up to thousands of nerve endings.

Selection technique of glove factory

One look: to identify the upper class of sheepskin through the texture and pores cleaned on the surface of the cortex, and see the pliable sheepskin fiber through the fibers of the sheepskin section.

Two smell: especially after pure manual polishing head layer sheepskin, leather flavor is more intense; however, those with leather or leather gloves are usually with chemical paint taste!

Three touch: the top layer is a little sheep is very smooth, very delicate fragrance because the inner sheepskin, fit the skin is super delicate and comfortable, but even cotton are relatively hard polyester chemical!

Four burn: really small sheepskin and cowhide and other natural leather, after burning ashes left easily with the fingers into powder, and emit protein (such as egg burnt taste, a flavor); but with leather or leather will have a pungent smell of burning plastic road!