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Advantages Of Microfiber Gloves
- Nov 07, 2018 -

1. Clean fabric
Microfiber gloves are lint-free, dust-free and ultra-clean. Its making is different from conventional gloves, making it more breathable and comfortable after wearing.
2. Production process
Exquisite car line and sewing line, the pins are fine and even, and the workmanship is excellent. The packaged solid products are beautiful and generous.
3. Elastic cuffs
The elastic design of the mouth is flexible and tight, not tight, and fits perfectly on the wrist.

Clean fabric protection products
It will not cause damage to the product, absorb water, absorb sweat, and not scratch the surface of the object. It can effectively remove the dust and oil on the surface and protect the surface of the product, greatly reducing the production of defective products.
Microfiber dust-free gloves
The product is not affected by the oil residue, dust and sweat pollution on the finger during the production process, effectively protecting the product, the hand feels delicate, soft, high cleaning power, high water absorption and oil absorption, scrubbing does not harm the appearance of the object, Washed and durable.
Product is suitable for
This product is widely used in various dust-free workshops, laboratories, electronic lighting, gold jewelry, optical lenses, antiques, high-end furniture, digital cameras, hotels, flight attendant models, wedding banquets, property management, military parade, flag-raising ceremony, duty, Precision products such as monitors are installed.