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The difference between labor insurance gloves and protective work gloves
- Sep 28, 2018 -

    labor insurance gloves are used by  people in daily life, in labor, in certain sports, in certain activities, in special environments, in special operations, in special work, to achieve hands-free skin without harm.and secondly, people have created beautiful decorative gloves and art gloves in life.However,they  also  have  created various types of human use gloves.Labor insurance gloves are used  by people in labor .So they are called labor insurance gloves. It is a generalized name.But Many people misunderstand it . Protective gloves are used to  protect their hands from harm. So they are called protective gloves. It is  also a comprehensive name.Simply put, it protects the skin of the human  from harm , decorates the beauty of the person, and shares the  art culture .
    The price and quality of gloves are usually determined according to the material and manufacturing process of the gloves.
     Some are priced according to the level, such as special grade, first grade, second grade, third grade, defective grade, or grade A, grade B, grade C. Generally Level 1 (Class A) is the best quality.Gloves have many names. They are usually named after the glove material, named after the glove process, named after the glove, named after the glove function, and named according to the regional ethnic dialect.