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The characteristics of acrylic fiber fabric
- Sep 29, 2018 -

The characteristics of acrylic fiber fabric are:
1. Acrylic fiber has the reputation of synthetic wool, and its elasticity and bulkiness are similar to natural wool. Therefore, the fabric's warmth is not under the wool fabric, even about 15% higher than similar wool fabrics.
2. The acrylic fabric is dyed brightly and the light resistance is the first of all kinds of fabrics. However, its wear resistance is the worst among various synthetic fabrics. Therefore, acrylic fabrics are suitable for outdoor clothing, swimwear and children's clothing.
3. Acrylic fabrics have poor hygroscopicity, are easily stained, and have a sultry feel, but their dimensional stability is good.
4. Acrylic fabric has better heat resistance, second in the composite fiber, and is resistant to acids, oxidants and organic solvents, and is relatively sensitive to alkali.
5. Acrylic fabric is a lighter fabric in synthetic fabrics, second only to polypropylene, so it is a good lightweight clothing, such as mountaineering clothes, winter warm clothing.