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Selection Of Outdoor Sports Gloves
- Dec 11, 2017 -

In outdoor activities, a pair of handy outdoor gloves will play a very important role in the field crossing and climbing activities of the donkey friends. Especially with the coming of winter, in the cold weather, the warmth and comfort of the hands will directly determine the comfort of the human body.

In outdoor sports, through the jungle, climbing, skiing and other outdoor activities need to rely on the hand hold grip alpenstock, climbing jungle, rocks and sliding poles etc. with a certain degree of difficulty of project activities, are extremely rely on palm control and grasp. In particular, when the amount of exercise is large, the hand will produce sweat, and it becomes wet and slippery, which leads to the drop of grip strength, which will affect the safety of outdoor activities. A pair of waterproof and moisture permeable, strong grasping force, flexible finger and good warm performance gloves are very necessary.

Then people how to choose an outdoor glove. Before the reporter interviewed experts outdoor information network, they should be considered from four aspects: first, the first choice is Burton outdoor gloves fabric gloves waterproof breathable material, it has the function of waterproof, breathable, anti tear, can always keep dry gloves table in the clip, fleece material should be soft, breathable and warm is very good and the anti pilling fabric treatment, of course should also have a very good tear resistance. Secondly, the glove palm should fully lined non slip rubber non slip wear leather materials or leather materials, can increase the friction and adhesion.

Gloves should be flexible and close to the hand to make the fingers move flexibly. The knitted fabric is used in the bend of the finger, which is in line with the ergonomic finger bending design. The glove palm should fully lined non slip rubber non slip wear leather materials or leather materials, can increase the friction and adhesion. Furthermore, the wrist of natural gloves should be elastic and tight design and use professional waterproofing zipper, and the wrist should also be lengthened.  This can prevent foreign matter and snow into the gloves, but also enhance the performance of windproof gloves.

Finally, in order to adapt to the characteristics of outdoor activities, outdoor gloves should be fasteners and Lanyard in wrist design, easy to wear the gloves off, and can also reduce the probability of lost gloves. In addition, fabric gloves should also have a certain heat resistance, to prevent the ass only in a pot of rice when taking out dishware, stove without gloves will be burnt. In the actual outdoor activities thick gloves is not conducive to action in the ass only, is not conducive to the operation of the camera, too thin it can not warm, because dry cotton fiber is very low, so the use of cotton gloves in outdoor activities is not desirable.

Therefore, according to the actual situation, choose a pair of convenient and anti skid, waterproof, breathable, warm gloves, better protection of their own hands. For example, a double-layer waterproof and thermal glove is designed just like a suit that can be worn by single fleece. The gloves of the inner layer can be taken out individually, so it is very convenient and comfortable to use, and can adapt to four seasons and different environments.