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Material on the impact of gloves how much
- Dec 11, 2017 -

Cotton yarn cotton textile is usually out of line to become cotton yarn, it is early human production raw materials commoner essential, second most labor line glove material are used in clothing and textile waste out of a textile yarn, called renewable cotton, relatively pure cotton yarn, the price is low, but as a kind of insurance products cotton yarn, not only embodies the circulation principle of the use of renewable resources, but also greatly reduce the cost of the investment, the labor insurance gloves product line ability is stronger, according to the different characteristics of the function, the application range is very extensive;

Roving is generally used to weave more thick labor gloves. In a certain size, arrangement of roving root number is relatively small, woven gloves, feel rough. Less shiny, color printing and dyeing yarn fabric, not even light. Although the strength is better, but the amount of yarn is more. The general low thick gloves, or brushed fleece fabric, with coarse yarn for weaving.

The thread - woven glove generally feels thicker. In the same area, it is sure that the thread gloves produced by the fine cotton thread appear more delicate and more luster. Therefore, generally speaking, the low grade line gloves will be prepared by using the coarse line, and the high quality line gloves are the use of cotton thread.

The thickness of the yarn has a direct effect on the quality and use of the gloves. Fine yarn can weave thin, light, wire gloves, and can also make thicker wire gloves with synthetic strands. In a certain size area, the yarn can arrange more root numbers and weave close, soft, meticulous and clean line gloves. The color and lustre of the printing and dyeing gloves is also more uniform and brighter. So the fine yarn is generally used to weave high grade fabrics.