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Magic gloves features
- Dec 11, 2017 -

The magic glove is one of the gloves. The design of the magic gloves is reasonable, which is able to meet the comfort requirements of the palm when worn. In winter, it can keep warm and not interfere with normal work and study. It is the most ideal household product in winter.

Magic glove knitting specification, design of thick gloves with elastic edge close to the wrist, not easy to fall off, very beautiful, a pair of warm gloves and both fashion, let you in the winter is no longer cold, no matter you are in order to keep out the cold or all-match are your good choice, more flexible and convenient, suitable for all kinds of people use.

Also on the market there are a kind of liquid is called the magic gloves, is made of the United States, is a high-tech special liquid, non oily, dry coating immediately in the hand, the formation of invisible membrane. When the hands are exposed to harmful chemicals, harmful substances, bacteria, and dirty working environment, the magic gloves can be effectively protected. It is a good helper for mechanic, painter and so on because there is no air permeability, and also contains the protection of the skin.