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How to buy riding gloves
- Dec 11, 2017 -

As a riding enthusiast, how do you buy your riding gloves?

1, good outdoor fabric gloves of course preferred to adopt a GORE-TEX waterproof breathable material with a waterproof, breathable function, can always keep dry gloves table clip inside fleece material should also have a soft, breathable and warm is very good and the anti pilling treatment of fabric should also have tear very good performance.

2, the glove palm should fully lined non slip rubber non slip wear leather materials or leather materials, can increase the friction and adhesion. Gloves should be scalable and close the hand fingers with ease, can increase the friction adhesion.  Finger bending is made of fabric and ergonomically designed finger bending. This design enhances the flexibility of fingers, and also has the permeability function.

3, the wrist should be elastic to tighten the design and use of professional waterproof zipper (with zipper designed gloves), gloves should also be lengthened. This can prevent foreign matter and snow into the gloves, but also enhance the performance of windproof gloves.

4, outdoor gloves in order to adapt the characteristics of outdoor activities should be designed in the bowl of the Ministry of fasteners and lanyard, facilitate the gloves off, wear, can also reduce the probability of lost gloves.

5, the design end of the glove is the use of the needs of the rider. If the free day is mainly in the bicycle lane, it does not need to spend a lot of money to buy functional gloves. In addition, children choose children in addition to the size of the gloves in addition to the size of the test, usually do not need too much shock absorption and other functions, but to emphasize the safety requirements for skidding. On the market, there are gloves with reflectors, and children and commuters are suitable for use. Of course, gloves are one of the personal accessories, and the products with good overall sense are also important points, so color, brand style and so on must be taken into consideration.