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Gloves cleaning tips
- Dec 11, 2017 -

Palm, usually more exposed part, gloves can be washed after you wear gloves, in your hands, soaked and soap, once again, more than the other hand rubbing, but most of the clothes to wipe, you can remove dirt, gloves and produce multiplier effect. If the soft leather gloves, you can add a few drops of olive oil in water wash. (1) when wearing gloves and gloves, the fingers should be in line with consumers at the same time, users should also be in it; to the glove coat cuffs (2), if you really have the pollution of your gloves, you can choose to use soap and warm water to rinse. When the material is dirty, it does not use it and bananas, water decontamination ability, because the banana water will damage the insulation performance. (3) when using this type of gloves, if it used to dry the wet and we should use it, then slide, put some lime, and then save it.

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