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Gloves classification and style
- Dec 11, 2017 -

1, gloves and knitted gloves open two categories. There is a single and sub index equation. Gloves are tailored with various kinds of leather, knitted fabrics, or woven fabrics.

All kinds of textile fiber knitted gloves with pure or blended yarns, woven in the glove machine, the sewing process, such as clamping, seam rib cuff, fingertips and splitter, then brushed or fulling, heat setting and finishing products. The organization has plain knitted gloves, rib, tuck, leno, a plain and fancy yarn dyed jacquard etc..

Use gloves should be relatively thick labor protection, some after surface coated processing, in order to improve the wear resistance, skid resistance, waterproof performance.  Ornamental gloves require beautiful, mostly through embroidery, nail beads and other art processing.

Gloves classification 2, gloves are divided into cotton, plush, leather and so on. According to the pattern, they are divided into long, short, single fingers and split fingers. There are ten fingers only with ten fingers and only hands. Some exquisite long glove or mesh glove, mainly used in etiquette and decoration. Both men and women are worn, and they are popular in the Qing Dynasty.

Glove classification 3, the less the finger, the less the finger, the better the insulation of the finger, but at the same time limit the activity of the hand. In addition to decoration, the finger flexibility of the mittens is also increased.

Mittens: 5 separate long bags of fingers each.

Three finger gloves: the thumb is separated from the index finger and the other 3 fingers are linked together.

Mitt: the northeast of China is called the hand stuffy, the thumb is separated, the other 4 fingers are connected together.

Straight gloves: 5 fingers are linked together.

Half finger gloves: the part of each finger is not closed and only covers the first section.

No finger gloves: there is no finger part, opening at the point of the finger.