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Cold day glove warm detail
- Dec 11, 2017 -

How can a pair of gloves keep warm when the weather is cold? But you know, small gloves are very exquisite, too!

1. should not be too small

If gloves are too large, they will not achieve the effect of warmth retention. They are not flexible and easy to fall off, which will affect the work efficiency. If gloves are too small, the blood circulation of the hand will be blocked, causing discomfort, causing fatigue and even frostbite. Therefore, gloves should not be too large or too small, and the standard of gloves in moderate size is smooth, comfortable after wearing, flexible fingers and convenient to take off.

2. do not borrow from each other

Many people are used to borrowing gloves from each other. In fact, their gloves should not be lent to others, and they should not be used by others' gloves so as not to infect the skin. For example, hand ringworm, scabies, may through infectious gloves.

3. wearing gloves should be the person

The person should wear gloves, there are different to choose, in order to achieve the purpose of wearing gloves. For example, the elderly skin is dry and cold, should choose soft fur gloves, cotton or wool production is appropriate; children's small hands, thin tender skin, soft cotton glove material should be used, or wool elastic nylon fabric as well.

4. choose the right gloves according to the nature of the hand

People love sweating, sweating, cold winter easy to use palm, cotton gloves for good, warm and has good water absorption, and frequently wash for love; hand foot chapped, suitable for wearing two gloves, a thick outer layer is thin, in a little, even though every day to apply anti chapped ointment, doesn't make gloves too dirty, because gloves can draw washing, dry wear.