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Antistatic coating for gloves
- Dec 11, 2017 -

Most of the gloves are used to keep warm in winter, but they are also used in other seasons. There are many uses of gloves, which can keep warm, decorate, match clothes and work. We can see that the workers at the construction site will work with the most common white glove. The soldiers will wear white suits with formal clothes. Today, let's analyze the anti - static coating of the gloves.

80% dust-free nylon yarn and 20% high performance copper fiber conductive yarn.

- refers to PU coating or palm contributes to the assembly operation and no residue of fingerprints.

The anti-static effect of the PU coating with conductive resin is excellent.

Good air permeability and washable.

Surface resistance: 4 square omega of 10 3 square -10.

Excellent anti-static performance and washing resistance.

It can eliminate the harm of static electricity to the human body, and eliminate the displeasure generated by the static electricity when the body moves or is worn off.

It can eliminate static electricity caused by the clothes close, tangles, notdust easily, easy washing.

Domestic steel wire gloves for stainless steel wire and fine, and can replace imported metal gloves in certain circumstances. In case of less stringent requirements, the use of this glove can be considered considering the cost of use.

The silk gloves of Baotou Steel Group are made up of stainless steel wire wrapped in high strength fiber. The anti cutting gloves have excellent anti cutting performance, comfortable wear and washability, and the cutting performance can reach 5 levels, which can meet the requirement of cutting off almost any workplace in the field of non electric tools. It is widely used in the manufacture, segmentation and transportation of glass steel plate, cutting and cutting of cutting tools, leather and so on. According to the requirements of customers, we can make various kinds of protective gloves with various protective grades.