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Anti-chemical gloves material
- Dec 11, 2017 -

Chemical gloves material chemical variety, different nature, pay special attention to in the choice of protective gloves.

(1) natural latex -- generally, natural latex has a good protective effect on water solution, such as acid and alkaline water solution. Its advantages are comfortable, flexible and flexible.

Chlorinated sulfonated polyethylene, which is protective against most chemicals, can protect alkali, oil, fuel and many solvents. The glove factory has excellent resistance to high temperature and low temperature, wear resistance and bending resistance.

The material of anti vibration gloves is usually three layers of structural gloves. The outer and outer layers are synthetic fibers with skin or soft comfort. The interlayer is silica gel or other polymers that can absorb vibration effectively. Gloves selection and use of gloves in the choice and use of gloves, the right or not, the correct use is directly related to the health of the hand.