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Touch Screen Magic Gloves

Touch Screen Magic Gloves

In the process of using gloves should pay attention to the following 14 points: Glove size to be appropriate, if the gloves are too tight, limiting blood circulation, easy to cause fatigue, and uncomfortable; if too loose, the use of inflexible, and easy to fall off. The choice of gloves to have...

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85% Acrylic/11% Polyester/4% Elastane
One Size Fits Most - Super stretchy and comfortable .Touchscreen function
great for winter, driving, easy smartphone and tablet use, just to fit your style
Perfect for cold winter casual,riding,driver and other winter outdoor activities

In the process of using gloves should pay attention to the following 14 points:

Glove size to be appropriate, if the gloves are too tight, limiting blood circulation, easy to cause fatigue, and uncomfortable; if too loose, the use of inflexible, and easy to fall off.

The choice of gloves to have adequate protective effect, the selection of wire cut resistant gloves environment, you can not use the synthetic yarn resistant to cut gloves and so on. To ensure its protective function, it must be regularly replaced gloves. Exceeding the service life may result in hand or skin injury.

Check gloves at any time, check for holes or broken, abrasive areas, especially finger seams. For chemical resistant gloves you can use the inflation method to check.

Note that the use of gloves, if a pair of gloves used in different places, it may greatly reduce the life of the glove.

Use should pay attention to safety, do not arbitrarily drop contaminated gloves, to avoid causing harm to others. Temporarily unused gloves should be kept in a safe place.

Remove the gloves must pay attention to the correct method to prevent the gloves of contaminated material contact with the skin and clothing, resulting in secondary pollution.

It is best not to share gloves with others, because the gloves are breeding grounds for bacteria and microorganisms, gloves are likely to cause cross-infection.

Wash hands before wearing gloves, gloves to wear clean (sterile) hands, or easy to breed bacteria. Wash hands after removing gloves and rub hand cream to replenish grease.

Cover your wounds before wearing gloves. The skin is a natural barrier against the external environment and prevents the entry of bacteria and chemicals.

Do not ignore any skin erythema or itching, to prevent dermatitis and other skin diseases. If the hand appears dry, itchy, bubbles, etc., to promptly consult a doctor.

Take off your gloves while shaking hands or dancing with others.

The principle of choosing the length of the glove is: the shorter the sleeves of the clothes, the longer the length of the glove should be selected. If you wear short sleeves, sleeveless or strapless clothing should wear long gloves.

White gloves and white gloves with the same color, such as ivory, beige, taupe, etc. are classic in gloves and can be worn on any occasions suitable for wearing gloves.

Do not use black gloves with white or light-colored clothes, but can be used with black, dark or blue clothes. In addition to white and black, other colors of gloves should be coordinated with the color series of your clothes.

Choose a skill

A look: through the cortex surface texture and pores to identify the finest lambskin; sheep's skin through the section of the fiber to see the flexible sheepskin fiber!

Second smell: especially after the first hand-polished lambskin, leather smell more strong; however, those with leather or leather gloves are usually with the smell of chemical paint!

Three touch: top lambskin outer layer is very smooth, the inner layer of sheepskin fragrance is very delicate, fit the skin is also super-fine and comfortable, but the chemical fiber or cotton even harder!

Four burning: the real lambskin and leather and other natural leather like burning after leaving the ash can easily twist with a finger into the powder, while emitting the smell of protein (such as egg charred), a scent; but the skin with Imitation leather or plastic burnt pungent taste!


These sophisticated neural networks allow us to detect cold, heat, pain, etc. within a few microseconds, and even feel tiny vibrations with only an amplitude of hair. From the day of birth, the hand does not stop the activity, and at the end of life, the hand can perform an average of 250 million times. However, we often neglect the importance of our hands and neglect their proper protection so that hand injuries account for 20% of all types of work-related accidents that result in incapacity. This shows that the correct choice and use of protective equipment is necessary. Hand protection Hand is one of the most delicate and dense organs in human organs. It consists of 27 bones, accounting for 1/4 of the total number of human bones, and muscle, blood vessels and nerves are extremely astonishingly complex distribution and organization, only a few meters per square centimeter of the capillary length of the fingertips, nerves Up to thousands of distal.

Types of Hand Injuries Types of hand injuries can be divided into three categories from the larger aspect.

Traumatic injuries such as hand injuries are caused by mechanical causes of bone, muscle or tissue damage, from severed fingers, fractures to minor skin injuries and so on. Such as the use of sharp-edged tools, the manipulation of some large knives, sharp machines or instruments, can cause hand cuts and so on; handling, the use of spindles, nails, screwdrivers, chisels, Sprained into the machinery will be sprained, crushed and even rolled off your fingers.

Contact dermatitis such injuries are mainly on the hands of the skin damage. Light, resulting in dry skin, peeling, itching, severe swelling, blisters, herpes, scarring. This injury is caused by long-term exposure to acid, alkali aqueous solution, detergents, disinfectants, or exposure to toxic chemicals, biological substances, suffering from electric shock, frostbite, high temperature scald, flame burns and so on.

Long-term manipulation of hand-held vibration tools, such as chain saws, rock drills, hammers, picks, etc., can cause such injuries, such as arm jitter syndrome and white matter disorders. Hand with the tool for a long time vibration, but also cause damage to the blood circulation system, and the occurrence of white-finger disease. This is especially true in wet and cold environments. Due to poor blood circulation, hand becomes pale, numbness and so on. If you hurt the sensory nerves, your hand will become less sensitive to temperature, touch it, and even cause permanent numbness. Gloves material For the work environment there are various hazards, you can choose different types of gloves, such as chemical-resistant gloves, gloves for electrical hazards, high and low temperature gloves for high and low temperature operations, cutting operations Anti-cut gloves, anti-vibration gloves for vibration work and so on.


The material of the glove determines the protective performance of the glove, which is the basis for selection of the glove.

when the color number to provide guests, we have to dye.


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