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Silk Sleeping Beauty Gloves

Silk Sleeping Beauty Gloves

Silk protein composition is almost the same as the skin , so the feeling is very skin-friendly and comfortable. Sleeping or relaxing can be used to protect both hands of silk 100% silk gloves. Silk with elegant color, light and soft. Luster beautiful, good hygroscopicity. Feel plump, smooth and...

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Silk protein composition is almost the same as the skin , so the feeling is very skin-friendly and comfortable.

Sleeping or relaxing can be used to protect both hands of silk 100% silk gloves.

Silk with elegant color, light and soft. Luster beautiful, good hygroscopicity.

Feel plump, smooth and so on, with "natural fiber Queen" reputation, known as the "artificial skin."

Silk is porous, animal protein fibers, can automatically adjust the temperature, cool in winter and warm in summer, breathable and hygroscopic, containing 18 kinds of amino acids, can promote the body's metabolism, stability and spirit.

elegant, soft and beautiful.

1.5 times the moisture absorption of cotton fiber, can quickly absorb and distribute human sweat.

tissue is porous, can absorb a lot of gas, forming an excellent warm layer.

Slender and tough fibers that can be woven into a fabric that is low density, thin and transparent, cool without binding.

With low static electricity, skin-friendly, personal comfort.

less static electricity, anti-breeding bacteria, is the best health fiber.

Light: fabric light weight, does not increase the body's burden and easy to carry away. Dry cleaning is the best way, as indicated when washable, hand wash with cold water. After washing picked up, do not twist to the water, and let the water on the clothes naturally drip dry, and then hanging in the ventilated place dry, ban exposure sun.

the choice of gloves can be considered factors

Degree of exposure

If the contact with chemicals longer, it will significantly reduce its chemical resistance. Increasing the concentration of chemicals, or dipping the glove directly into the chemicals, will cause the glove to penetrate for a time shorter than the manufacturer provides.

2. Temperature

In general, the temperature increases, penetration speed, penetration time is shortened. The standard penetration time data is obtained at room temperature (20-25 ° C). Gloves that are used above this temperature will have significantly reduced chemical resistance.

3. Glove thickness

If necessary, choose a thicker glove or wear 2 gloves at the same time because thicker material provides better chemical resistance and significantly increases penetration time. Most importantly, the thickness of the glove material doubles and the penetration time can be extended by 4 times. When considering the thickness of gloves, but also consider the work itself needs the flexibility and touch. Thicker gloves have a stronger chemical resistance, but at the expense of their grip, hand touch and safety at the cost. There is a good balance between feel, flexibility and moderate chemical resistance. Disposable gloves, in particular, have excellent feel but are generally only used to protect milder chemical substances, have poor protective properties against many chemicals, or have no protective properties at all.

4. Surface treatment and lining

Glove surface treatment and lining are not the same, there are smooth surface, rough surface, embossed surface and so on, the lining, with cotton, fabric, etc., as well as linerless gloves. A textured, rough surface with better slip resistance for safe handling of wet, smooth objects. Cotton lining, cotton lining with good sweat-absorbing properties, fabric lining gloves also have good high temperature performance, and unlined gloves with good flexibility and touch.

5. Chemical mixture

Permeation experiments are performed with pure substances. Chemical mixtures can significantly change the penetration rate and physical properties of a given glove material. In general, for chemical compounds, a material that has good impermeability to each of the ingredients should be chosen. However, it is also possible that the mixture will have a longer penetration time than the single ingredient. Users can use the conditions of the gloves to protect the ability of the mixture to make some comments, especially the toxicity of the mixture.

6. Physical properties

The physical properties of gloves and in the use of the anti-piercing, tear resistance, wear resistance and tensile strength. Chemicals penetrate through pierced holes or torn gaps, exposing them to more chemicals than chemicals through the molecular layer, exposing them to more harmful chemicals. Sometimes need to wear two different kinds of gloves, one for mechanical damage, one for chemical damage prevention.

Gloves material for mechanical injuries

(1) Wire - common stainless steel wire, there are chrome wire, mainly used to make cut resistant gloves. This kind of material has the strongest cutting resistance and is easy to clean, but it is heavy and inconvenient to use.

(2) Synthetic yarns such as Kevlar, Spectra, etc. - are also good synthetic cut resistant materials. Although they are not as resistant to cutting as metal wires, they are lightweight, comfortable to use, and have been improved and processed. Some products are also resistant to cut products The highest standard.

(3) Nitrile (with fabric lining) - Anti-wear and anti-puncture performance, flexible and comfortable to use.

(4) Natural latex (with fabric lining) - Excellent flexibility, particularly flexible, with some abrasion, tear and cut resistance.

(5) PVC (with fabric lining) - can provide some wear and puncture protection, if the material is thick, but also can have some anti-cutting ability, but not tear-resistant.

(6) Leather - natural material, through a variety of tanning treatment, has a unique performance. Skin can be divided into: leather, which has the advantages of comfortable, durable, breathable wear-resistant, chrome torn treatment, more durable, but also resistant to high temperatures; pigskin, large pores, the best breathability, after washing can still be very good Of the soft, but will not harden; sheepskin, is the most comfortable, most durable and anti-wear the best performance, but because the price is too expensive, generally only used in the touch of the higher industry demand.

when the color number to provide guests, we have to dye.

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