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Nylon Feather Yarn Aloe Vera Beauty Gloves

Nylon Feather Yarn Aloe Vera Beauty Gloves

Gloves commonly used in the manufacture of materials and fibers: For the glove industry, the first need to master the basic knowledge is the production of textile fibers in raw materials! However, a wide variety of gloves, fiber varieties, different names. With the ever-changing technology, more...

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For dull& wrinkles, rough and dry, peeling barbed,dead skin calluses
Material: The front is the top feather yarn, good skin-friendly
              Opposite: Aloe vera Gel, Sealed Nursing, Auxiliary Absorption
              Elastic thread interface, not dead tight
A pair of aloe gloves = hand cream + hand mask + make spa at home
Can be reused.Color variety, freedom of choice

Gloves commonly used in the manufacture of materials and fibers: 

For the glove industry, the first need to master the basic knowledge is the production of textile fibers in raw materials! However, a wide variety of gloves, fiber varieties, different names. With the ever-changing technology, more new materials, new technologies, new technology flash, so many varieties of materials used, but some are the most basic, but also in the industry should know!

Believers know how to know all the best leather gloves is the sheepskin, and very durable, and smooth and comfortable.

Sheepskin bovine goat or sheep skin. Goat or sheep's skin contains water, protein, fat and inorganic substances, the latter two little content of the protein constituting the epidermis pumping mainly keratin; the formation of the dermis, mainly collagen and Reticulin, in addition to still contain elasticity Hard protein, albumin, globulin and mucin and so on.

How to identify sheepskin

Sheep skin is characterized by flat oval pores, more oblique oblique leather; clear pores, arranged in a group, arranged like scales or jagged. Pattern features such as water ripples. Sheepskin light, thin, soft, is the ideal fabric for leather garments, made of beautiful apparel pattern, soft and natural gloss, soft, flexible, but strength is not as good as leather and pigskin.

Sheep skin: Cortical more fat content, skin fibrous tissue relaxation, very soft, fine grain smooth, extensible, but not strong.

Goat skin: cortical less fat content, fibrous tissue full than sheep skin, clear pores, cortex elastic, solid and durable.

Choose a skill

A look: through the cortex surface texture and pores to identify the finest lambskin; sheep's skin through the section of the fiber to see the flexible sheepskin fiber!

Second smell: especially after the first hand-polished lambskin, leather smell more strong; however, those with leather or leather gloves are usually with the smell of chemical paint!

Three touch: top lambskin outer layer is very smooth, the inner layer of sheepskin fragrance is very delicate, fit the skin is also super-fine and comfortable, but the chemical fiber or cotton even harder!

Four burning: the real lambskin and leather and other natural leather like burning after leaving the ash can easily twist with a finger into the powder, while emitting the smell of protein (such as egg charred), a scent; but the skin with Imitation leather or plastic burnt pungent taste!

These sophisticated neural networks allow us to detect cold, heat, pain, etc. within a few microseconds, and even feel tiny vibrations with only an amplitude of hair. From the day of birth, the hand does not stop the activity, and at the end of life, the hand can perform an average of 250 million times. However, we often neglect the importance of our hands and neglect their proper protection so that hand injuries account for 20% of all types of work-related accidents that result in incapacity. This shows that the correct choice and use of protective equipment is necessary. Hand protection Hand is one of the most delicate and dense organs in human organs. It consists of 27 bones, accounting for 1/4 of the total number of human bones, and muscle, blood vessels and nerves are extremely astonishingly complex distribution and organization, only a few meters per square centimeter of the capillary length of the fingertips, nerves Up to thousands of distal.

Types of Hand Injuries Types of hand injuries can be divided into three categories from the larger aspect.

Traumatic injuries such as hand injuries are caused by mechanical causes of bone, muscle or tissue damage, from severed fingers, fractures to minor skin injuries and so on. Such as the use of sharp-edged tools, the manipulation of some large knives, sharp machines or instruments, can cause hand cuts and so on; handling, the use of spindles, nails, screwdrivers, chisels, Sprained into the machinery will be sprained, crushed and even rolled off your fingers.

Contact dermatitis such injuries are mainly on the hands of the skin damage. Light, resulting in dry skin, peeling, itching, severe swelling, blisters, herpes, scarring. This injury is caused by long-term exposure to acid, alkali aqueous solution, detergents, disinfectants, or exposure to toxic chemicals, biological substances, suffering from electric shock, frostbite, high temperature scald, flame burns and so on.

Long-term manipulation of hand-held vibration tools, such as chain saws, rock drills, hammers, picks, etc., can cause such injuries, such as arm jitter syndrome and white matter disorders. Hand with the tool for a long time vibration, but also cause damage to the blood circulation system, and the occurrence of white-finger disease. This is especially true in wet and cold environments. Due to poor blood circulation, hand becomes pale, numbness and so on. If you hurt the sensory nerves, your hand will become less sensitive to temperature, touch it, and even cause permanent numbness. Gloves material For the work environment there are various hazards, you can choose different types of gloves, such as chemical-resistant gloves, gloves for electrical hazards, high and low temperature gloves for high and low temperature operations, cutting operations Anti-cut gloves, anti-vibration gloves for vibration work and so on.


The material of the glove determines the protective performance of the glove, which is the basis for selection of the glove.

when the color number to provide guests, we have to dye.

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